Did You Know That Hearing Loss Is Twice as Common in People with Diabetes?

Many times people think hearing loss is a common disease for older people. However, hearing loss is more common in people with diabetes than in those with normal blood sugar levels. In fact, hearing impairment happens slowly and can go unnoticed until it becomes a problem. At Hometown Hearing Centre, we educate the public on issues on hearing and how exactly to prevent hearing loss. As an individual with diabetes, you’re at a higher risk of hearing loss, but there are steps to ensure your continued stability.

A man receives a hearing test.

Get Your Ears Checked Every Year

The first step upon being diagnosed with diabetes is to get a hearing test from Hometown Hearing Centre to help you understand the condition of your hearing and to help you monitor your health. If a problem is found, you should start all necessary treatments before the damage is irreversible. At Hometown Hearing Centre, we offer free hearing tests, free hearing aid trials, and in-house payment plans at affordable prices for all patients.

A man experiencing hearing loss.

Avoid All Causes of Hearing Loss

A wide range of other factors like loud noises, obesity, osteoporosis, and heart-related health issues can contribute to hearing loss. This means it’s safer for you to avoid aggravating these conditions or increasing your chances of developing them, in order to decrease your chances of hearing loss. Anyone with diabetes should maintain healthy habits and exercise daily to keep their blood sugar levels regulated. If you suspect you may have deteriorating hearing, get a free hearing test today!


Do Not Smoke

Did you know more than half of smokers are prone to hearing loss at a later stage in life? This is because the smoke contains carbon dioxide and nicotine, which take up most of the oxygen in the ear and lead to the weakening of the ear tissue. In addition, when there is a problem with the neurotransmitters, the brain is unable to recognize voices and sounds. If you have diabetes and/or are a smoker, it’s best to get a free hearing test from Hometown Hearing Centre to determine your individual state. Get help from our highly experienced specialists at any time!

A person checking their blood sugar level.

Control Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels can also affect the nerves and blood vessels found deep in the ear, and low blood sugar might strain the nerves that transmit messages from the ears to the brain. Either way, uncontrolled blood sugar levels in the body can lead to hearing loss. Therefore, a diabetic person must take their medication and treatment seriously to avoid losing their hearing or getting other medically-associated diseases. If you have any questions at all, contact Hometown Hearing Centre!

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Even if diabetes isn’t entirely to blame for a patient’s hearing loss, it is wise to be careful and follow professional advice on how to prevent hearing loss. Having been in the business for over 100 years, Hometown Hearing Centre is your go-to clinic if you need any "ear" related insights. Book your free hearing test today!