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Ear Wax, Hearing Loss, & What You Should Know

It may be pretty uncommon, but it is possible to suffer from partial hearing loss caused by earwax buildup. Earwax is actually very beneficial for our ear, because it traps dust and bacteria that would otherwise enter the ear. However, excess earwax can cause hearing loss for some people. Normally, the treatment of excess earwax is very easy, however improper cleaning may lead to much more serious problems, such as infection and hearing loss!

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Reasons for Earwax Buildup

For most people, earwax is a non issue. Earwax moves to the outer canal of the ear by itself and can be cleaned easily by wiping it away. Some people, though, produce an excessive amount of earwax. Normally, even for people that have a lot of earwax, hearing loss is not an issue. However, improper ways to clean the earwax result in it being pushed further in the ear canal, and that causes blockage which leads to hearing loss.

What Are the Symptoms?

Partial hearing loss is not usually instantly noticeable, as we might get used to it. Earwax blockage does have other more acute symptoms, such as tinnitus (constant ringing in the ear), earache, and itchiness in the ear. Even if you are not sure of hearing loss, you should still visit your doctor because of other symptoms.

Can I Clean It Myself?

It is technically possible to clean your earwax blockage by yourself, however, in most cases people trying to clean their own earwax end up in a worse situation. It’s incredibly important not to push the earwax farther up into the ear canal, because it would make the cleaning process much more difficult and can result in inner ear infection, which is a serious condition.

How to Clean Earwax Blockage?

If you are not able to clean the earwax yourself, and your symptoms are getting worse, you should seek medical attention. Earwax blockage is not a serious issue by itself, however if you leave it untreated you can be causing an infection and permanent hearing loss. So if your symptoms do not subside, and if you still suffer from partial hearing loss, visit an expert. Popular methods of cleaning earwax include irrigation and suction. Treating excess earwax does not require using any hearing aids.

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