What Age Do You Think You Should Start Getting Your Hearing Tested?

In order for you to remain as healthy as possible, it’s crucial to think of a hearing test as a screening instead of an exam. Many people live on the assumption that those who take hearing tests have a problem, just like assuming people taking vision tests have seeing difficulties. However, a hearing screening can discover a lot more than hearing loss. The Hometown Hearing Centre in Ontario can help patients discover physical and medical problems they may not be aware of!

Older man with a hearing problem having hearing test

Diagnose Medical Conditions

Presbycusis, which is the slow deterioration of hearing in both ears, is mainly caused by old age. However, some hearing losses are caused by underlying medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension; both of these conditions are risk factors for hearing loss and tinnitus. But many patients can relieve their hearing issues by treating other medical conditions they were not aware existed.

Hearing test machine.

Identify Potential Hearing Problems

Like eye tests, annual hearing tests help you track hearing changes to make the necessary adjustments; this also opens the door for early presbycusis detection. Your hearing Hometown Hearing Centre specialist will compare your current audio diagram to the previous one. This process allows them to see how quickly your hearing changes, thus alerting her of the imminent dangers, including earwax buildup and noise-brought hearing impairment.

 An older woman takes a hearing test.

Prevent Further Damage

When you allow a hearing problem to progress, such as in the case of presbycusis, you will lose more than just the hearing. Patients can become depressed and suffer from anxiety when in public situations; they can also become profoundly isolated due to the nature of their condition. Presbycusis is in fact linked to more injuries among elderly individuals because they may not hear car horns, smoke alarms, and other danger sound signals.

A hearing aid.

Start Treatment

It’s always good to identify a mild hearing problem early because it helps prevent hearing loss from graduating to a more severe problem. The Hometown Hearing Centre can immediately treat hearing loss in our office, as we provide a variety of hearing aids and treat many different hearing problems. Better still, your hearing care assistant will walk you through your options, so you select the device that best suits your condition and lifestyle.

Get Your Hearing Tested At Hometown Hearing Centre

If you are suffering from presbycusis or exhibit any hearing loss signs, do not wait until your next annual appointment to get a checkup! Early detection will help you avoid permanent hearing loss. Instead, call The Hometown Hearing Centre today and schedule an appointment for expert hearing care tips and treatment.