What to Expect From Hometown Hearing

It can be frustrating to get a new pair of hearing aids that don’t fit just right. What’s more, the technology may not work with your type of hearing needs. No matter the reason, you may feel nervous about buying hearing aids without the reassurance that they will fit and work for you.

At Hometown Hearing, we work to make sure your hearing aids fit just right. That means we offer our FREE two-week trial of the hearing aids we fit you with. This means that no matter the brand, price, or technology, you can take home your hearing aids for 14 days to test them out.

Hearing Aids Before You Buy

You’re free to explore your options when you get a two-week trial with your new hearing aids, but you also want to ask a few questions before you actually purchase them. Here are those questions:

Do these hearing aids offer more power?

When you choose hearing aids, you want to make sure they can give you the support you need as your hearing continues to fade. This is a great question to ask during your free two-week hearing aid trial, because if the hearing aids fit and work well, you may have just found your next set of hearing devices.

Do these hearing aids have warranties?

Ask about the warranties included with the hearing aid purchase. You want to be covered if the hearing aid fails, breaks, or needs maintenance. Hometown Hearing helps you navigate the various warranties and guarantees of each hearing aid type.

Do you offer financing or grants?

Keep your money in-house with the hearing specialist. Hometown Hearing offers up to $2,000 in immediate grants, as well as up to 12 months of 0% financing to help get you in the hearing aids that are perfect for you.

Are you ready to try new hearing aids? Find a location near you below and give Hometown Hearing a call. Or, you can fill out the contact form and schedule a call with a hearing specialist.