Hearing Aid Fitting

Basic knowledge on the hearing aid fitting process and costs for patients in Ontario, Canada


If you have been diagnosed with a hearing issue, a digital hearing aid might be able to restore the joy of hearing sounds again.

It takes time and experience to guarantee the best, and this is what the hearing aid fitting team in Hometown Hearing Centre brings to the table.

Hearing aid fitting begins with a needs assessment and concludes with follow-up consultations once your devices have been personalized.

Choosing a hearing aid is a vital step in improving your hearing health. At this point, you've already narrowed down your style options with the guidance of your hearing health professional. Now let's look into what you should know about hearing aid fitting.

Put Up a Positive Mindset

Still, you might be curious about what to expect at your first appointment at a hearing centre. You could be wondering if the specialist will even come up with a solution for your hearing problem, and what goes into recommending a hearing solution.

It's reassuring to learn the facts and meet the experts who can help. Keep a good perspective because your visit will be basic, enlightening, and will provide you with additional information into your specific needs.

Your ear specialist will have a brief conversation with you, learn about your medical history, and explore the various causes of your ear condition.

Get Ready

For a Test

The hearing test then begins with a non-invasive visual examination of the ear, both on the outside and inside, using an otoscope.

Your ability to hear noises and words, as well as the softest sound level you can perceive throughout a frequency band, is part of the test that your specialist will be running. Your hearing specialist will also record the sound volume that is too loud for you. The test will give your specialist a picture of your hearing loss in each ear.

Your audiologist will know how much sound the hearing aid needs to deliver, to enhance soft sounds that are audible based on the results of these tests. The amount of compression required to compress loud noises to the point where they are not uncomfortable will be determined by the results of these tests.

Custom Digital Hearing Aids

Your audiologist will select the best digital hearing aids based on your results and have you try them on when you come in for your hearing aid fitting session.

Your audiologist will begin programming your digital hearing aids after they have been installed to ensure that they perform properly for your hearing loss levels and sound preferences.

Digital Hearing Aids Adjustment

The audiologist will have you try on the digital hearing aids once the adjusting process is over to see how you like them. During this time, you will be able to experience the benefits of your new hearing aids for the first time.

It’s normal to be teary-eyed at times during this process. The audiologist will leave the settings alone if your hearing aids are working effectively. If there are any issues, the audiologist will make necessary adjustments. Your audiologist will also offer information on how to use and care for your hearing aids.

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