What Can You Do to Help Prevent Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss has been closely associated with old age over the years. Apart from this major factor, exposure to frequent loud noises adversely affects the hearing as well. Regardless, our Hometown Hearing Centre staff recommend taking a few precautions to avoid permanent damage to your hearing. If you’re concerned about your current hearing quality, contact us today!

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Stay Away From Loud Noises

When it comes to protecting your ears from hearing loss, staying away from loud noises is your best bet. How do you know if noise is loud enough to damage your hearing? If you notice any of the following signs after being exposed to loud noises, then our experts recommend taking a break from any noisy place for your own good:

  • A noise or environment that makes your ears hurt

  • Feeling a ringing sensation in your ear after exposure

  • Feeling the need to shout so people around you can hear you clearly

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Limit Use of Headphones & Earbuds

You should take care when you listen to music, especially with the use of earbuds or headphones. Most devices show a warning notification when the music volume exceeds a specific level and is perceived dangerous to the ears; ignoring these warnings comes with it the risk of hearing loss. You should avoid listening to music with your headphones for an extended period of time and make an effort to purchase more devices with low noise ratings. If you’re concerned about your current hearing status, schedule a free hearing test today at Hometown Hearing Centre!

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Use Earmuffs or Earplugs

to Drown Loud Noises

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At times, you may be stuck in an environment where you can’t leave or stop the noise, including:

  • A concert or other live music performance

  • A sporting event

  • A bar or club

Your earplugs and earmuffs come in handy in situations like these to avoid increasing your risk for hearing loss. Hometown Hearing Centre is proud to offer custom earplugs in situations like these, so you can preserve the health of your ears without any trouble!

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Protect Your Ears At Work

You should discuss a solution with your occupational manager if your workplace is noisy one and results in long periods of loud noises that can affect your hearing. In fact, there are regulations in place to ensure the safety of organizational workers. Your company can either switch to equipment with lesser noise or provide you with hearing protection; either way, taking this seriously is key in order to prevent future hearing loss.

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One of the most important tips for protecting your ears is to invest in regular hearing evaluations — and luckily, Hometown Hearing Centre offers free hearing tests . If there is a problem, it can be detected early enough and treated. Early treatment can be very effective in correcting hearing loss and preventing permanent damage. Call Hometown Hearing Centre to schedule a test if you live in Ontario or surrounding cities. Our hearing specialists will also advise and give you tips to help protect your ears and prevent hearing loss.

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