"After 5 years of great service from Hometown Hearing, Cambridge, and my first ReSound hearing aids, I decided to consider the pros and cons of upgrading to newer, higher performance aids. I once again compared suppliers and hearing aid features and performance, and decided to stay with Hometown and ReSound, but this time upgrading to the ReSound ONE devices. My decision was made easy for 3 reasons: 1) the outstanding technical support and knowledge provided by the Hometown technician Kayleigh Haferer; 2) the consistently dependable performance of Hometown, Cambridge for more than 5 years; and 3) the features and quality of the ReSound ONE hearing aids satisfaction with my decision has only grown. Thanks Kayleigh, Hometown and ReSound."

- Bob B.

"The staff at Hometown hearing were excellent. I was nervous to have my hearing tested, but the staff was very friendly and professional. I received a thorough overview of my hearing health"

- Terry R.

"Service was very satisfactory, efficient, friendly, informative and professional. The post-care plan exceeds my expectations and is much improved from the last office I received my hearing aids from. I am very pleased"

- Joanne H.

"Very pleasant and thorough hearing centre so I referred it to someone else as well! In regards to care, punctuality and politeness I couldn't be happier with my two appointments here. Thank you Hometown Hearing in Delhi, Ontario!

- Mariana R.